About Me

I believe that clients are very skilled and capable of helping themselves, and that with my guidance and help they will no longer fear looking in depth at the thoughts that are causing them to feel the way they do. I also believe that how the client thinks about a challenge directly impacts how they react or act. Creating a relaxed and trusting environment where the client feels comfortable, is key for them to be able to gain a better understanding of themselves. This leads to the ultimate goal of transition, advancement, and success.

CBT helps clients identify their distressing thoughts and evaluate how realistic those thoughts are.This works well with adolescents who can have difficulty balancing what's "permanent" and what's "temporary."Helping them break out of that thinking pattern is what I do best. Teens are energizing, and fun!

I have 28 years experience with counseling adolescents. I am able to understand and relate to the needs of teens from eclectic backgrounds, while maintaining productive relationships with parents and schools. The goal is to have clients grow personally and overcome their life challenges. I also see individuals and couples.


Years in Practice: 15+ Years

School: Wayne State University

Year Graduated: 1998

License No. and State: 6401007062 Michigan


Avg Cost (per session): $120 - $140

Sliding Scale: Yes

Year Graduated: 1998

Accepted Payment Methods: Cash, Check, Paypal

Accepted Insurance Plans: Out of Network

Additional Credentials

License No. and State: SC0000226 State of Michigan School Counselor License


My beloved Jack Russell Terrier Walter, named after Walter Sobchak from The Big Lebowski as he is just as crazy and funny!

  • Everyone needs a safe, warm place to go when they feel anxious.

  • Taking a break after a long day is always ok.

  • Exercise is a great stress reliever!

  • We all make mistakes, there is always a way to make better choices.

  • Sometimes a nice walk is all you need to feel better.

  • The reward after hard work is feeling satisfied with the effort you made.